This year most Jews around the world, including in Israel, held their Passover family reunions and Seders via Zoom conferences as they observed social distancing and isolation to keep their families safe and sound.

But there is a place in Israel where coronavirus sufferers, even though they could not be with their own families, had the opportunity to physically be together with others, the family that takes care of them — the Hadassah Hospital family.

Moderate patients in the Hadassah Isolation wards were overjoyed to learn that instead of spending the night lying on a hospital bed, they were going to be able to get up and sit at a table together to celebrate the Passover tradition.

The Passover Seder in the Isolation Wards of the Hadassah Hospital, the only place this year where people could get together socially in a large group, was made possible by the many volunteers, nurses and people who helped.