Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Jerusalem-based company partly owned by Hadassah Medical Center, has announced success of its clinical trial which tested the effectiveness of its oral insulin capsule on patients suffering from uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes.

These patients experience unpredictable and dramatic blood glucose swings. “This study marks an impressive milestone for Oramed,” explains Nadav Kidron, Oramed’s Chief Executive Officer. Established in 2006, Oramed Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the field of oral delivery of drugs and vaccines that are traditionally delivered via injection. Its technology is based on over 25 years of research performed by top research scientists at the Hadassah Medical Center.

For over two decades, scientists in Hadassah’s Diabetes Unit, led by the late Prof. Hanoch Bar-On, worked to develop the technology for oral administration of insulin. A medical breakthrough in 2005 laid the foundation for the founding of Oramed Pharmaceuticals.  Over the past two years, Oramed has successfully conducted various animal studies with its oral insulin. The positive outcome set the stage for Phase 1a and Phase 1b clinical trials, where the product was tested successfully on healthy human volunteers.

In August 2008, Oramed completed Phase 2a clinical trials, which revealed, for the first time, that an oral insulin capsule could be safely and effectively given to people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  In May 2010, Oramed completed a Phase 2b clinical trial in South Africa, where the oral insulin was given successfully to Type 2 diabetic patients.

Oramed’s unique oral delivery technology can potentially be used for other vaccines and medications currently available exclusively in injection form.