In addition, the magazine, which ranks thousands of hospitals, stated that Hadassah Medical Center is among the world’s leading “smart” hospitals. Hadassah is included in the prestigious world ranking for the 6th consecutive year.

The prestigious American magazine Newsweek has selected the cardiology and oncology departments – Sharett Institute of Hadassah Medical Center for the list of the best hospitals in the world specializing in various medical fields for 2024. 

In addition, the highly respected magazine selected Hadassah Medical Center among the world’s “smartest” hospitals for 2024, based on advanced technologies, database management, the use of artificial intelligence, and groundbreaking developments by Hadassah researchers and physicians, which are changing the face of medicine.

The hospital ranking report published by the magazine presents over 250 hospitals worldwide with the best departments in cardiology, oncology, and other fields, based on 40,000 recommendations from thousands of medical experts.

For the list of the “best smart hospitals in the world,” Newsweek and Statista conducted an international survey of hospital managers and healthcare professionals who were proficient in “smart” hospitals and an international survey of the hospital’s implementation and use of digital technology. In addition to the recommendations collected, a global committee of renowned medical experts verified the lists.

Hadassah shares the list with leading hospitals from around the world, such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai, and Johns Hopkins in the US, and large centers from Europe, South America, and more.

“The hospitals that appear on the list of the ‘smartest’ in the world are those that make the most correct and efficient use of the most advanced technologies,” noted Newsweek.” The world’s best ‘smart’ hospitals rank medical centers in 28 countries as leaders in using artificial intelligence, digital imaging, telemedicine, robotics, and other electronic functions. Taking advantage of these new technologies improves hospital care outcomes and efficiency and positions hospitals as part of a broader ecosystem that aims to drive key health processes such as disease prevention, population health, and improved quality of life.”


Hadassah Director General, Prof. Yoram Weiss: 

“Hadassah has earned its name in Israel and around the world as a leading center of excellence, where first-class experts in the fields of medicine and science work and provide professional and humane medical care, lead in research and smart technological developments, and train the next generation of doctors in Israel.

The particular achievements that the magazine chose to honor among the outstanding work at Hadassah – oncology, cardiology, and operation as a ‘smart’ hospital that uses advanced technological systems – constitute immense pride and are a spotlight on only a small portion of what happens here every day at Hadassah by the staff, in all departments for the future of medicine.” 


Prof. Aron Popovtzer, Director of the Oncology Division at Hadassah: “The Sharett Institute of Oncology at Hadassah is proud to represent Israel in this distinguished list of the world’s leading oncology institutes. This choice, made by leading physicians and patients, expresses the recognition of our institute’s academic and clinical excellence.”

The Sharett Institute of Oncology excels in innovative treatments in all fields of oncology and radiation, excels in groundbreaking research, and, at the same time, insists on empathetic treatment and a warm attitude towards patients. We view this selection as a badge of honor for all our facilities, including medical, nursing, radiation, and support staff. We thank all the disciplines at the hospital who work with us in complete harmony.”


Prof. Ofer Amir, Director of the Cardiology Division at Hadassah: “The choice of the cardiology division at Hadassah is gratifying and reflects extensive activity in all areas of cardiac medicine, from innovative treatments, through groundbreaking research to the training of the next generation of cardiologists from Israel and around the world. This is part of a long tradition of broad and outstanding work at Hadassah.”

We are proud to be included in Newsweek’s distinguished list of the world’s leading heart departments, and this is undoubtedly a certificate of honor for the medical, nursing, and all support teams – in the cardiac division and in other divisions in the hospital that are tangential to us every day, in treatment and saving lives.”