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Hadassah International has launched a Global Crisis Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Over 50 influential leaders of Hadassah International from different corners of the world have virtually met and shared the launch of Hadassah’s Crisis Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

At this dire time, Hadassah International, the international arm of the Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem, is putting all its resources in leading a humanitarian outreach across the globe to save lives and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus as the pandemic spreads.

Hadassah assisting our global network

The Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem are at the forefront of dealing with the coronavirus in Israel. The Hadassah Medical Organization is playing a leading role in instituting several highly effective programs to combat COVID-19 and is advising the Israeli Ministry of Health. Continuing in its traditional role of pioneering excellence in medicine, Hadassah Hospital was the first hospital in Israel, and probably in the world, to test its entire staff for the coronavirus to ensure that they do not spread the virus, a decision just adopted by the Israel government for all Israeli hospitals.

Hadassah International is reaching out to communities and countries around the world to share the Hadassah Medical Organization’s expertise and experience in combatting the Coronavirus COVID-19. This expertise and advise are aimed at helping others prepare to deal with the pandemic as it spreads to the farthest corners of the earth.

The outreach comes in the form of consultations, virtual events and conferences, media interventions and peer-to-peer exchange, among others.

Many countries are still battling to develop a planned response to the coronavirus.

  • Mexico has been very slow in responding to the danger. At this time, the Jewish Community in Mexico is working with Hadassah Mexico, turning to experts from the Hadassah hospitals for advice as to how to keep the community safe. This collaboration includes ongoing web conferences with Hadassah’s top experts.
  • Hadassah Argentina has seen a partnership develop between Jewish organizations, business leaders and Hadassah International to set up clinics and other facilities in Argentina to cope with the epidemic. Hadassah doctors provide advice to the population through online lectures.
  • France, which in midst of its epidemic, has been featuring the advice of Hadassah doctors on the Jewish Radio Network.
  • Hadassah Australia has partnered with the Royal Albert Hospital in Melbourne to bring the expertise of the Hadassah Hospitals in Jerusalem to help Australians cope with COVID-19.


The Global network assisting Hadassah

In parallel, Hadassah International is asking philanthropically minded individuals and Foundations to support this humanitarian activity and help the Hadassah Medical Center as it implements a strategy to save the lives of the diverse ethnic population impacted by COVID-19 in Jerusalem.

As Israel also faces an exponentially growing number of people infected with CV-19, its Hospital infrastructure is currently insufficient to effectively answer that challenge. Hadassah Hospitals require a major investment to keep playing its leading role in healing the people of Jerusalem, Israel, and the world.

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