Dalia Itzik has been elected Chair of the Board of Hadassah International in Israel. This board is made up of senior business leaders and other key leaders in Israel who work to promote the Hadassah Medical Center. Itzik, the former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, served as a government minister, as Chairman of the Committee of Education and the Science and Technology Committee and as a Knesset member for 20 years. She has lived in Jerusalem all her life and is a lawyer by profession. She graduated from the Hebrew University with a degree in literature and history. She served as a Vice Mayor of Jerusalem and as a member of the Jerusalem City Council. Over the years, she has represented Israel at Hadassah events.

When she assumed her new role as Chairman of the Board of Hadassah International in Israel, Dalia Itzik stated: “As a Jerusalemite, I was born at Hadassah Medical Center and gave birth to my three children at Hadassah. Hadassah, for me, is one of the important pillars in Jerusalem. I have stepped in to help this important institution which is in the forefront of the scientific and medical research in Israel that affects medicine in the whole country. I see great importance in Hadassah for the State of Israel in general and for Jerusalem residents and the surrounding areas.”

The Board of Governors of Hadassah International Israel has 50 members, made up of prominent business executives and key community leaders. The President of the Board of Trustees is Mrs. Sally Oren, and the Director is Mr. Meir Mark. Members of the Board contribute their knowledge and management experience as well as their extensive business expertise to the Hadassah Medical Center. They are helping to promote the research and development program of the Hadassah Medical Center in terms of infrastructure and business development.

Hadassah International is an international organization with volunteers in 17 countries who develop resources for the Hadassah Medical Center.