With nearly 500 people in Israel now seriously ill with COVID-19, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem has begun providing a third, booster COVID-19 vaccination to anyone age 50 and over and to Hadassah staff members age 30 and over who received their vaccinations more than five months ago.

“I want to thank Hadassah for this wonderful vaccination service,” said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion, who, together with his wife, Stavit, was one of the first to receive this booster vaccine. “I asked to be among the first in order to act as an example for those residents who can be vaccinated as of today,” Mayor Lion relates. “Please come be vaccinated. It saves lives, not just yours but also those of the people around you. Get vaccinated so we can be rid of this.”

Dr. Inon Buda, acting director of Hadassah Ein Kerem, reported, “We’re prepared to treat COVID-19 patients alongside our regular patients in Jerusalem. We’ve just opened a third ward for those with COVID-19. We hope there won’t be a need to open additional wards.” Dr. Buda added a plea to Israelis, “I also call on you to vaccinate. It will help us all to defeat this wave of the virus.”